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"American Home" Gate-fold Brochure

Description: This is a gate-fold brochure done as a duotone. The doutone process alows for maximum impact while reducing printing costs.
Created with: InDesign

"Temptation" DVD Cover

Description: The main idea of this project was to create your own DVD cover, something that stands on it’s own and can easily be mistaken for a real one. However, I wanted to make a cover with all of my favorite actors, thus coming up with a cover like this, something that doesn’t actually exist.
Created with: Photoshop


"Quilt’s Textiles"  Brochure

Description: This brochure was created for The Quilt’s Textiles museum. It was made in a form of an 8 page booklet, Each spread uses color that was picked up from the piece of art shown.
Created with: InDesign

"Lalique Glass" Book Cover

Description: This cover was created using photo retouching, typography, and layout. The color scheme is used to enhance the beauty of glass artwork.  
Created with: Illustrator and Photoshop

Poster and Paper Bag

Description: This project was created for the Graphic Design Week in Vilnius, Lithuania. In this project the main idea was to use typography to create an image, such as the face of a woman. This image can not only be used on billboard ads, but also as an Ad. on shopping bags.
Created with: Photoshop

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